This Section provides an overview of astrology signs and planets for use in card delineation

Astrology - The Planets (for a more complete reference, please see The Planets - Celestial Organs and Their Functions)
Sun - Represents our purpose in life, or our pure potential.  The Sun represents the fundamental harmonic around which everything else resonates.
Moon - Represents how you present yourself, or how others see you.  The Moon works through our feelings and emotions--especially in the area of relationships--to further advance the direction set forth by the Sun.
Mercury - Represents how our mental and emotional apparatus responds to the energy emitting from the Sun.  It differentiates the one solar force into positive and negative elements, allowing us to differentiate and analyze situations.
Venus - Represents the perfect state or our individuality, or what we hope to accomplish in this life.  It also represents our morality, and how we connect with others intimately.
Mars - Represents the active force of the Sun as a manifestation of personal desire.  It works in alignment with the decisions originating from Mercury and the values inspired by Venus to etch out its place in society.
Jupiter - Represents our capacity to fit in to our established social system by expanding the energy promoted by Mars.  It also indicates our philosophical outlook on life, and the inclination to unite with others to resolve both personal and social issues
Saturn - Represents the physical form, and the manifestation of uniqueness based on structure and order.  It represents how we seek to represent our identity, and indicates our sense of responsibility in relation to our place in the world.
Uranus - Represents the fundamental nature of transcendence, and works to shake up the social construct built up by Jupiter and enforced by Saturn.  It challenges our security by supporting a questioning nature that can chip away at the rules we impose upon ourselves, while allowing an opportunity to transcend patterned responses.
Neptune - Represents the power to dissolve and reunite scattered energies into new formulations, awakening an ability to unite dissimilar experiences into one unique vision (Oneness).
Pluto - Represents the ability to strip away all but the essential, allowing us the ability to perceive the truth of our being.  While reducing our awakening to its simplest form, we prepare ourselves for the rebirth of our consciousness by aligning our center with the spiritual center of humanity.
Astrology - Signs of the Zodiac (for a more complete reference, please see The Pulse of Life)
Aries - Signals the event that the day force equals, then overpowers the night force.  Due to this long awaited event, Aries must step forth boldly, though often unassured, to present themselves (ego) in this light.  The adolescent stage of humanity emerges to prove its place in the world.
Taurus - Represents the tilling of the soil of the material world in a repetitive or habitual effort in order to manifest the inner drives generated during the night force.  It works in a productive manner on the topmost layer of the substance of matter (like the earth, or the skin in relation with the body) as an organic process.  Adolescence grows to find its first love.
Gemini - Represents the extension of the personality through the organization of experiences as a manifestation of the day force.  Through the use of language and intelligence the experience is categorized using logic, which is based on the recognition of polar opposites: right and wrong, good and evil, etc.  The newness of experience awakens ideas of relationship as an extension of the personality.
Cancer - With the day force culminating at its maximum point, it begins to wane in Cancer causing a focalization of the energy extended by Gemini.  The polarity of movement goes inward to meet the emotional, psychic, spiritual and biological emergence of the night force.  Cancer is the realm of feelings, and from here we start the formation of a social fabric which interpenetrates our psyche, culminating in Capricorn.
Leo - A call to action is heralded as an emotional response to the feelings generated in Cancer.  The personal ego awakens as the individual 'I', extending itself as a projection on time to mark that place in history.  In a demand for social recognition, Leo showers us with solar radiance and crystallizes its image on us through creative self-expression, often hiding a sensitive emotional character questioning its worth.
Virgo - A critical and analyzing nature works in development of a technique, which allows the individual to manage personal and social tasks with the least amount of effort and in the shortest time possible.  The virgin (apprentice) remains pure by developing a technique to rid the self of all impurities (thoughts, drives, etc.) which inhibit the effortless working of the mechanism, in obedience to the law of its structural blueprint.
Libra - As the night force equals, then overpowers the day force, the Initiate emerges to idealize the perfect social group with which to align, and works to harmonize any emotional imbalance as a service to the whole.  Here we often unassuredly judge things and ourselves for their worth in relation to society as a whole, both within our own minds and as a process in general in our daily work.
Scorpio - Represents the development of a social consciousness manifesting through the tantric intercourse of the purified individual seeking union with the Divine.  In its most pure form, union is achieved without personal attachment for the sake of social awareness in general.  In its most degenerated form, for the personal pleasures and self-satisfaction alone.
Sagittarius - Represents the management and utilization of power as a tool to build the civilization best envisioned by the mind ever seeking the social mind of humanity.  As the energy of the night force reaches its maximum, we find here the culmination of those inner drives that urge towards union as a whole, building networks of connectedness from seemingly unique points.
Capricorn - Represents the christos seed of the new man in face of the man-made social state, and appears at the point where the night force reaches its apex and wanes in the emerging day force.  The total power accumulated by the state awaits as the seed child goes within to formulate the vision of the passing night force.  In an attempt to solidify purpose of the passing phase, Capricorn stands alone and looks within, yet is ever weighted by the very power at its grasp.  Temptation to fall back into a role associated with the passing phase often overrules the quest to create the fertile soil within which the new seed can grow. When this happens, the available power becomes distant and the driving force that resonates from the core of the seed then becomes muffled in the workings of the outer world.
Aquarius - Represents the release of energy in a creative, inventive or reformative manner as a response to the social conditions surrounding the situation.  Here the social man reacts to the moment in an attempt to transform outmoded structures by introducing new inventions, or by redesigning the archetypical framework by reforming already set directives.  Since the day force is just emerging, the personality is mostly reacting to social conditions in an attempt to recognize its own place within it.  At its best, Aquarius becomes the fertile ground within which the christos seed germinates and grows.
Pisces - The new 'seed of humanity' (christos seed) prepares to greet the day where the day force meets, then exceeds the night force at the close of this sign.  But before that can happen, the failures of the past cycle need to be reconciled.  This is a sign of inner reflection, where the vast ocean of energies sweeps the consciousness, highlighting those crystallizations and situations most out of alignment.  This is the point from which the social man, living in the mechanized world of scientific invention, looks to strip away all but the essential to reveal the strength of the personality once again in face of the Almighty.