The links below should be used to enhance your study of this Ancient Science, and to guide you toward a better understanding of the framework that has been developed here extending this science.

Olney Richmond:

Formed the Order of the Magi - "History of Astrology"

Arline Richmond:

Yenlo and the Mystic Brotherhood - Book for sale online at "Spirit Dimension"

Willis F Whitehead:

The Mystic Thesaurus - Book for sale online at various sources and at "Nicolas-Hays, Inc."

Carl G. Jung:

The Portable Jung - Book available at many locations including ""


Humanistic Astrology, Transpersonal Astrology & the Philosophy of Wholeness at CyberWorld Khaldea
Humanistic Astrology defined; From Humanistic to Transpersonal Astrology by Dane Rudhyar
The Planets described; The Planets - Celestial Organs and Their Functions
For Planetary Pairs, see The Planets and Their Symbols by Dane Rudhyar

The Chakras - Internal link pages and excerpts:

Chakra references at (an Extensive Comparative Study of the Chakras is presented here)
Additional Links, another links page to containing excerpts of supporting reference pages.
Circulation of the Light, an article at

The Chakras and Astrology - Links to external pages

Astrology & the Chakras - Toward a Sacred Psychology of the Horoscope - by American astrologer Ray Grasse
Astrology and the chakras - from
Chakra Zodiac - by David Ray
Chakra system chart by astrology - Article in Astrology Weekly

Additional Chakra Resources - Links to external pages:

Great Chart representing the Chakras and their Associated Characteristics
The Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebra describes the anatomy of the lower 2 chakras
Search for 'Sea of Chi' (called the Hara in Japanese) in 'The Warriors Life Force" by Bob Duggan Revised edition