Oracle Cards Disclaimer

This website is dedicated to the evolution of the human Spirit, offering insights into the use of a simple deck of playing cards as a tool for divination.  In line with my belief that this deck of cards has been brought to us to be used as a tool for human interaction and for entertainment, the content of this website is best viewed similarly.  As there are many different games that can be played with these cards, it will be seen that there are many different ways that these cards can be used for divinatory purposes.

The content of this site is a presentation of the extension of the original theory provided in 'The Mystic Test Book', regarding divinatory use of a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards plus the 2 Jokers).  Since the original work was first published, various authors have extended the original theory in their own way, often referencing authors previous to them all the way back to 'The Mystic Test Book'.  It is important to note that any form of divination will work as prescribed (based on the author's presentation) if the reader applies the necessary effort, intention and awareness required to put that theory into practice.   However, it is my belief that for any work to be considered worthy of study requires that the author be driven by an inherent desire to work for the good of humanity.  I am driven by that desire.

For those readers who already have a vast experience regarding the use of any of the symbolic terms used in the content of this website, please note:

  • The symbols (i.e. planets, astrological signs, chakras, the caduceus, etc.) have been provided to us through antiquity, where much of the esoteric knowledge regarding them may have been lost.  Of that which was not lost, some may remain protected within the ranks of mystical societies such as Order of the Magi.  Beyond that, these symbolic messengers may yet be intermixed in our language in ways hidden from most people.

  • Nobody 'owns' these symbolic messengers.  Any apparent knowledge regarding them will inevitably be limited.  The symbols themselves are representative of archetypal forces, rather than tangible physical plane objects that have exact definitions.  Therefore, it is only by the earnest desire of the reader to uncover the symbolic meaning behind these symbols that will render them valuable.

  • There are often conflicting presentations regarding the use of these symbols, especially regarding the chakras and planetary alignments.  This is a common problem that will be seen especially where mystical or scriptural doctrines are involved.  For example, the term "God" has been described by many different religious groups using greatly differing terms.  Though there may be a common thread that links all of these differing presentations into a unified whole, it may not be apparent to most.

My hope in providing this work is that it be offered as a service to those guided to receive the content.  The information that I receive is being provided by Spirit as my Soul strives to better my being.  It is my firm belief that we each have an 'individual spark' of the Creator that is at the core of our being.  I call this phenomenon the 'Cherub Within', or simply, the Cherub.  The Cherub is that part of ourselves that knows the proper way of being in these bodies.  It is not bound by rules or restrictions, but acts in divine accordance with the greater Will.  Due to this it represents an innate knowing, an aspect of Self upon which can be built an unwavering trust.

The problem with society is that, for the most part, our connection with the Cherub has been lost.  We have replaced that connection with a set of rules and restrictions placed upon us by society, our families, the environment and ourselves.  The Cherub is grounded in innocence, fearlessness and love.  Let me say right here and now, if we do not find our Cherub in life, we will surely find it in death.  In this the Cherub represents the bridge between our Soul and our Ego, and when the Ego dies with the body, the Cherub awakens into awareness.  However, by then it will be too late to change our way.  Each life as a human/spiritual being awards us the opportunity of 'choice', allowing us to change fundamental habitual patterns that we either arrive with in these bodies, or acquire over our lifetime.

It is my deepest desire that each person develop the ability to contact their spiritual counterpart, the 'Cherub Within'.  Remember the story in Genesis where God sent Adam and Eve out of the garden.  He placed in the east Cherubim to guard the way to the Tree of Life.  Later in the New Testament, did you ever wonder why Jesus said ...'lest ye be like children ye shall not see the kingdom of heaven'.  There's that Cherub again.

The Oracle Cards are offered as much more than a tool for your potential amusement, though their value as a source of entertainment is infinite.  If you choose to see themand use themas tools in your Spiritual evolution, I believe that they will serve you well.

Blessings & Peace,