Time Cycles using the Quadration to Time Structure

For a general description of the Time Lines see Time Lines.  Let's use the 'quadration to time' diagram on the left to discuss how time cycles can be seen to overlay the framework for this study.

Looking at the diagram it will be noticed right away that the Past is overwhelmingly represented by the 1st and 2nd chakras.  Looking into the chakra references, it shows that the 1st chakra draws directly from The Earth, Shakti bringing forth the karmic events necessary to meet the birth contract needs.  Additionally, the 2nd chakra continues to draw from this karmic pool as the characters manifest to best represent the karmic patterns present in the birth request.  There are many different ways to interpret how the chakras represent the karmic opportunities for change, so it is best left up to the individual guidance.

And looking in the columns that represent the Future, it shows an amazing amount of symmetry.  The 7th chakra, being the spiritual imprint that defines the whole life, balances with the 1st chakra where individual karmic patterns can arise and be subject to change.  The 6th chakra is ultimately the culmination of the physical manifestation, where the Moon outpictures the spiritual imprint present in the Soul incarnation.  Thus, looking at the 6th and 7th chakras it reveals the imprint of the Soul Request to incarnate, while a vision of the completed request of spirit is reflected in the 3rd Eye.

The columns representative of the Present moment should be paid special attention.  Looking at the planetary rulers for the signs associated with these columns, we see Mercury, Venus and Mars being prominent (see Cosmic Layers).  This would be expected since these 3 planets are closest to the earth and would naturally affect it the most.  Obviously having the 4th chakra represented fully in the Present reflects exactly what has been stated throughout these pages.  Ultimately the 4th chakra represents the Ego choice in the moment, as well as The Cherub guidance backing it.  The Cherub is that part of each person that knows the proper way to Be.  That information is always available...though often unheeded.  Buried under years of momentary choices, the Cherub voice may have become muffled beyond comprehension.

Viewing the 3 realms of time in this way promotes the idea of time being linear.  However, it is my belief that time is actually spherical, and only appears linear due to our inability to perceive it differently.  Also, creating a diagram of the spherical nature of time on a 2-D plane such as this web page would be impossible, so the diagram as it is must suffice for now.  The method of converting this linear example of time into its spherical counterpart can be accomplished by:  1) Considering that the 1st column can revolve about the center (4th column) and attach to the left of the 7th column.  The resulting diagram would then look like a tube.  2) Considering also that the 1st row can revolve about the center (4th row) and attach to the bottom of the 7th row.  The resulting diagram would then look like a sphere.

Though it may not be easy to conceive of the final spherical shape mentally, the understanding of how the edges attach is enough to awaken the mind to the possibilities revealed through the new linkages.  Thus, for cards in the 1st chakra, the distant past is now akin to the distant future, alluding to the idea that by resolving deep-seated issues in the individuals past will automatically adjust the future appearance.