The Caduceus Symbol represents the intertwining of positive & negative energies about a central channel

Ida (The Moon Force) - Drawing Down Shiva

Since Ida is an expression of the Moon force, it operates in the moment by looking beyond the surface appearance of an issue and creating a bridge to the source of its karmic imprint.  Ida governs the right side of the body (the Moon energy) shown as the row of signs and planets along the top of the graphic above.  As it spirals about Sushumna, its expression alternates between being passive or active based on the sign that is present at the location in question.  Therefore, Ida aligns with its natural expression in the 2nd, 4th and 6th chakras (where the Moon energy is passive during the night) and reflects the original desire to incarnate through that location.  In the 1st, 3rd and 5th chakra then Ida expresses actively as it reflects the holographic difference between the original desire to incarnate and the created seed expression.

  • 1st Chakra - Saturn operates actively in Capricorn by day.  Saturn works to build up the crystallized 3D reality by drawing from the karmic patterns present in its seed form.

  • 2nd chakra - Neptune operates passively in Pisces by night.   Neptune draws from the Pool of Karma to bring forth characters and events necessary to align with the crystallized patterns manifested by Saturn.

  • 3rd Chakra - Pluto operates actively in Scorpio by day.   Pluto operates through the higher mind as it cognizes abstract thought forms relative to the subconscious desire (present with Neptune) and the Ego's intention that operates through Saturn.  When the Ego intention is aligned with the original intention to incarnate, Pluto's abstract imagery can be created into 3D reality thereby manifesting new pathways for the karmic expression.  Otherwise the lower mind ushers out the 3D reality as prepared by Mars relative the current karmic patterning.

  • 4th chakra - Earth operates passively in Taurus by night.   Earth provides the space within which the Cherub manifests its movement.  When the Souls original desire to incarnate is aligned with the Ego's created seed expression, the Cherub expresses through the alignment of the lower intention (Saturn), lower desire (Neptune), and lower mind (Mars).  Otherwise the Cherub remains hidden behind the veil, the intuitive mind remains unavailable, and the karmic patterns already in place dominate the Ego evolution.

  • 5th Chakra - Mercury operates actively in Virgo by day.   When Mercury aligns with the ray of wisdom in the 5th chakra, the Ego can become enlightened in regards as to how to modify the current life expression to best progress its position in Spirit.  In that, Virgo analyzes the difference between the created seed and its original desire to incarnate, and creates the words necessary to transform the moment.  When the Ego fails in this regard, Mercury draws from the current life expression and creates the words that align with Egos presentation from the 3rd chakra (driven by Mars).

  • 6th chakra - Moon operates passively in Cancer by night.   The 6th chakra manifests the 3rd Eye as a direct reflection of the birth contract initiated by the Soul.  The Moon represents the Souls original desire to incarnate in the pre-matter state, then once manifest outpictures as the dance of shiva as a holographic imprint on the Brow.  This holographic imprint remains active throughout the life of the Souls incarnation, and represents the highest goal obtainable to the Cherub as the Ego manifests the moment.