The Caduceus Symbol represents the intertwining of positive & negative energies about a central channel

Pingala (The Sun Force) - Drawing Up Shakti

Since Pingala is an expression of the Sun force, it operates in the moment by expressing thoughts and ideas in ways that manifest tangible byproducts.  Pingala governs the left side of the body (the Rising energy) shown as the row of signs and planets along the bottom of the graphic above.  As it spirals about Sushumna, its expression alternates between being active or passive based on the sign that is present at the location in question.  Therefore, Pingala aligns with its natural expression in the 2nd, 4th and 6th chakras, where the Rising energy is active during the day, and expresses the Ego experience to the moment as adjusted by environmental, emotional and mental factors.  In the 1st, 3rd and 5th chakras then, Pingala expresses the moment passively as it reflects on the accumulated created seed through the lens of its karmic history

  • 1st Chakra - Uranus operates passively in Aquarius by night.  Uranus works to break down crystallized karmic patterns present in the created seed by exposing alternate views on the accumulated karmic history

  • 2nd chakra - Jupiter operates actively in Sagittarius by day.  Jupiter expresses the lower desire as it correlates karmic characters and events, brought forth by Neptune, with patterns crystallized by Saturn.  By aligning with the original intention to incarnate, Jupiter awakens to the alternate views presented by Uranus thereby expanding the expression of the karmic history.

  • 3rd Chakra - Mars operates passively in Aries by night.   Mars exposes the lower mind as it builds up concrete thought forms relative to the state of Ego's created seed expression.

  • 4th chakra - Venus operates actively in Libra by day.   Venus expresses the Ego evolution and aligns with the Cherub in the Heart as it balances the scales of the original desire to incarnate with the created seed expression cognized in 3D reality.  When the Ego intention (present with Saturn) is aligned with the original intention to incarnate, the Cherub awakens as an intuitive expression providing insight into how best to evolve the moment.  Otherwise, Venus aligns with the lower desire and expands that expression through the force of Jupiter drawing on karmic patterns already in place.

  • 5th Chakra - Mercury operates passively in Gemini by night.   Mercury operates in Gemini by exposing the Ego expression of the Heart as a tone vibration that ultimately resonates throughout the whole body.   When the Cherub in the Heart is aligned with the original desire, the overall tone carries with it the reality of this spiritual manifestation.   On the other hand, if the Ego fails to work towards this spiritual goal, the overall tone permeating the body reflects the Egos diminished opportunity as expressed through the 3 lower chakras.

  • 6th chakra - Sun operates actively in Leo by day.  The 6th chakra manifests the 3rd Eye as a direct reflection of the Soul's original intention to incarnate.  The Sun represents the 3D reality that has manifest in response to the Ego expression of the moment, exposed as the Soul's created seed.  Thus, as the Sun radiates forth the personality, the created seed evolves from the original seed as it is governed by the will imprinted within it's roots.  Ultimately, the difference between the 3D reality and that of the dance of shiva in the Brow represents the portion of the Souls ability to 'look Into the eyes of the Sun'.  Upon death, if the Soul can look directly into the depth of the Sun, it will pass through the gate and will enter the Garden of Eden again.  Otherwise that holographic difference will play out as the life review.  In this, the Cherub will be compelled to 'look away' in light of the overwhelming solar presence--and will therefore not vision the gate.