The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

1st Primary Chakra - The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Element Earth - The densest level of physicality
Sense Organ The Nose - Smell
Meaning Muladhara means 'root foundation' (Also known as the Root chakra)
Location Base of the spine
No. Petals 4
Deity Brahma

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1st Primary Chakra - The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The highest psychological state available to the Root chakra is that of bliss - the bliss of being in the physical body while experiencing the presence of Divine Light.  By concentrating on the beauty of nature, and our place in it, we become aware of the divinity in all things.  By staying aligned with that divinity and controlling our passions, more of that divinity is awakened in us and our joy increases.  This process continues until all of our actions are in accordance with the higher will and there is no apparent separation, which results in our life being as a state of bliss.

The Root chakra is a storage location for the universal energy called kundalini.  It is present in all of us in a latent form until it is activated through the process described above.  The process of activating the kundalini is further enhanced by practicing breathing techniques, yoga postures and specific meditation practices.  The kundalini rises through the yang secondary chakras along the back of the body and up through the crown chakra at the top of the head.  There it unites with the universal Spirit, connecting Earth/Heaven, Shakti/Shiva, etc., and creating union with Creator.  Kundalini is the Goddess, Earth, Mother, Shakti etc. within all of us, awaiting the Union with God, Spirit, Father, Shiva etc.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
The Coccygeal Chakra The Perineal Chakra

The Coccygeal Chakra

The Coccygeal chakra is located near the base of the spine by the coccyx.  In our youth, the coccygeal and sacral vertebrae consist of 9 distinct segments that unite into 2 separate bones (the coccyx and sacrum) as we age (see Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebra).  These bones represent the physical manifestation of the secondary rear chakras being the Coccygeal and Sacral chakras.  As these bones form the root strength that supports our body throughout this life, the Coccygeal and Sacral chakras work together in certain ways and form a collective repository for memories of past incarnations.

In early youth, these memories (realities) are more apparent than the outer physical experience.  But over time the dense physical reality dominates the consciousness in a way similar to the solidification of the original 9 segments into the 2 separate centers.  Access to the repository available to each center is now subject to rules of the dominating reality.  In other words, the data is still available but retrieval of that data is now subject to a set of rules placed on it by our own psychology - as it develops in the face of our outer environment.  The position that Saturn holds in an individual's personal astrology will shed a great deal of light as to what may be constricting this data access and what rules may be in place./p>

The Coccygeal chakra constitutes the first of the ascending (yang) chakras that run up the back of the body.  It represents the Shakti (Power) Pole that complements the Shiva (Consciousness/Spirit) Pole above the head.  Shakti energy resides in the Earth awaiting activation with the universal Shiva consciousness.  As the lower will (yang) draws the Shakti (Earth) energy through the feet and up the front of the legs it crosses over at the Perineal chakra and collects in the Coccygeal chakra.  This yang reflects the quantity of physical energy available and the will to live in physical reality.  As a whole the yang chakras (governor channel) represent the force that will has in our lives.  Here sexual energy and Earth (yin) energy coming through the Perineal chakra gets transformed via the energy of Uranus before being raised to the higher chakras (see Coccygeal chakra).

The Perineal Chakra

The Perineal chakra is located in the perineum - between the genitals and the anus - and corresponds to the gross physicality (Matter - Mother).  This chakra constitutes the lowest of the descending (yin) chakras that run down the front of the body.  As a whole the yin chakras--functional channel--represent the influence that feeling has in our lives.   The adrenal medulla is active here, being functionally related to the sympathetic nervous system, releasing adrenaline into the body in response to stress. 

The Perineal chakra is actually situated slightly below the Muladhara, which makes it similar to the Crown chakra being located slightly above the head.  As a result, it can be seen that the Perineal, being Earth/Shakti/Yin, provides the root for the outer ring of super conscious awareness when connected to the Crown chakra, being Spirit/Shiva/Yang.  Through this gate, the physical body is nourished as the yin/Earth Chi is drawn forth via the Coccygeal chakra, and to the rest of the body through the circulation of chi via the governor channel and the functional channel.

The Perineal chakra is connected by four primary nadis or energy channels, which ultimately represent the 4 directions oriented in the form of a cross.  The upright of the cross represents the Sushumna (see Caduceus), being the central nadi that runs up the center of the body.  The Perineal chakra represents the red or broadcasting pole of the central nadi through which runs the universal Shiva (yang) that enters through the Crown chakra, which represents the violet pole.  It also connects to the point at the bottom of the feet through which the universal Shakti (yin) is absorbed.  Connecting to mother Earth gives access to the power of nature, the basis of shamanism and Earth centered cultures (see Perineal chakra).

The perpendicular to the upright represents the flow of Chi as it circulates in the microcosmic orbit as well as circulating through the lower chakras.  The Perineal chakra is the lower meeting point of the governor channel (yang) and the functional channel (yin).  From here it receives yin energy from the Navel and Pubic chakras through the functional channel, and connects to the Coccygeal, Sacral and Kidney chakras via the governor channel, receiving from them sexual energy and converted Shakti (yin) energy absorbed through the soles of the feet.  It appears that there is a circulation of Shakti happening here, where the yang chakras (coccygeal and sacral) draw up Shakti through the feet and through the Door of Life and Death (Perineal) chakra, pushing it to the Kidney chakra (The Door of Life) where some gets stored. 

The Perineal chakra--through the Perpendicular--balances the movement of Chi while raising it to the point at the center of the Manipura chakra (Wheel of Emanation).  This closes a circuit allowing Shakti to run up through the Coccygeal, Sacral and Kidney chakras, over to the Wheel of Emanation, then back down through the Navel, Sea of Ch'i and Pubic chakras to the crossover point at the Perineum.  Somewhere in the process, the red drop is raised from the Central Manipura to a point in the Heart where it meets the white drop descending from the Crown chakra.  The white drop is, metaphorically, a condensation of Shiva obtained through a similar process occurring in the upper chakras.