The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

2nd Primary Chakra - The Swadhisthana Chakra

Element Water
Sense Organ The Tongue - Taste
Meaning Svadhishthana means self-abode (Associated with the impulse for sexual interaction)
Location In the spine just above the genitals
No. Petals 6
Deity Vishnu

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2nd Primary Chakra - The Swadhisthana Chakra

It is the 'Abode of Self ', embodying the drive for procreation and having the sexual act as its primary force.  Many ancient teachings recommend celibacy in order to raise and transmute this powerful sexual energy to the brain, thereby obtaining higher consciousness.  In practice, however, the amount of concentration and determination necessary to achieve this lofty goal vastly overshadows the commitment allotted, and in the process the person may instead incur psychological damage through the renunciation of sex.

Overindulgence in sex can have adverse affects as well.  In some cases the desire for sex can become so overwhelming that an individual becomes fixated on having sex as a solution to mental, physical or emotional body imbalances.

A healthy balance towards sex is optimal, though sometimes difficult to attain when viewed only from its mundane perspective.  From the cosmic perspective, sex represents the interaction of Shiva (Spirit) and Shakti (Matter).  Essentially, this represents creation (Shakti) as a function of the creative act (Shiva).  Thus, to attain balance requires that the individual accept the moment, creation, as being a function of their own creativity.   Then, the 2nd chakra is balanced through the adjustment of attitude (1st chakra), and very often, forgiveness (3rd chakra).  This process is greatly accelerated through interaction with the opposite sex, and especially through intercourse, since the dynamic of Shiva and Shakti are accentuated here. 

~ Secondary Chakras ~

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
The Sacral Chakra The Genital or Pubic Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is located in the sacrum just above the coccyx.  It acts as a pump, pushing spinal fluid up to the brain as well as drawing universal yin up through the Coccygeal and Perineal chakras (see Sacral chakra).  Together with the Coccygeal chakra it embodies the reservoir of experience for cognition of past lives, as well as the conditioning that was present during the generation of the current embodiment. 

After the basic needs of the physical body are met via the Coccygeal chakra, the energy moves up into the Sacral chakra where a new need is met, that of survival of the species.  Our sexuality drives the motivation for union with the opposite sex, while at the same time our history rippling in the sea of experiences draws together the characters outpicturing in the current incarnation.  Jupiter expands the vision and as it overfills through the influence of Neptune, it seeks social contact in order to cope with the turbulence of emotion (generated in the Pubic chakra).  Neptune is not readily approachable from here, but with the properly aligned individual desire it can be satisfied as Jupiter draws together the karmic characters necessary to balance past events.

As Shakti is drawn up and converted through the Coccygeal chakra, the Sacral chakra pushes it to the Door of Life (Kidney) chakra, where some of the sexual energy gets stored, and further up the spinal column to the brain.  In addition, some of the yang is drawn to the Central Manipura, where it circulates back down the front through the functional channel (yin) chakras (Naval, Sea of Chi and Pubic) reaching the crossover point at the Perineal chakra.  In other words, in addition to the Microcosmic orbit, there is a smaller circulation of energy happening in the lower 3 chakras uniting the Perineal chakra with the Central Manipura (called the Wheel of Emanation in Tibetan Buddhism) and the Crown.

The Genital or Pubic Chakra

The Pubic chakra, called the Sperm or Ovarian Palace in Taoism, is located beneath the Sea of Chi Chakra.  For women it is located above the pubic bone a few inches below the navel, and for men it is located at the base of the penis.  Since this chakra is associated with the element of Water, it represents the emotional response we have to our sexuality.  The sensual nature of our sexuality is represented by our 'taste' in the opposite sex, driven by the power of attraction (see Pubic chakra). 

We follow our feelings as we discover each other, comforted in the embrace of the Great Mother.  As a mediator and stimulator between the Root and the Navel chakras, the Pubic chakra can work to purify the lower desire, thereby raising the consciousness to the higher centers.  If the lower desire is not met and addressed here, it will likely play out leaving the body feeling emotionally trapped, enslaved to uncontrolled passions and desires.  Either that or those desires will be suppressed and denied.