The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

5th Primary Chakra - The Vishuddha Chakra

Element Space (Akasha)
Sense Organ The Ears - Sound
Meaning Vishuddha means 'very pure', and is very subtle in nature (Known as the purification cente)r
Location Throat
No. Petals 16
Deity Ardhanarishvara

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5th Primary Chakra - The Vishuddha Chakra

The Vishuddha chakra is also known as the nectar and poison center.  Here, the nectar that drips down from Bindu is separated into its pure form and the residual poison, which is discarded.  The pure nectar then nourishes the body, mind and Soul.  It is associated with purification and harmony, bringing into balance all opposites.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
The Base of the Neck Chakra The Base of the Throat Chakra
The Back of the Neck Chakra The Throat Chakra
The Mouth of God Chakra The Palatine Chakras - Talu or Lalana Chakra

The Base of the Neck Chakra

The Base of the Neck chakra is located where the neck joins the shoulders, just below the 7th cervical vertebra.  After receiving the rising yang chi from the Shoulder-Blades chakra, the Base of Neck chakra completes a circuit starting with the Adrenal chakra below, through it's connection to the functional channel via the Base of Throat chakra at the front of the body.  This circulates the energy back down through the frontal chakras to the Solar Plexus, then over to the Adrenal chakra and back up again.  Since the Base of Neck chakra is counterpart to the Base of Throat chakra, together they act as an anchor through which the lower chakras in the circuit (Shoulder-Blades/Heart, Adrenal/Solar Plexus) receive the Soul Wisdom.  This provides the location for the higher will impression to interface with the lower systems.    As a result of the chi-energy circulation here, the entire circuit is balanced through the central point in the Heart, which then serves as a connecting point with the energy channels of the hands, arms, and legs (see Base of Neck chakra).

The Base of Neck chakra connects to the Back of the Neck chakra as a point of support for the super conscious connection between the Crown chakra and the physical Self.  The strength of this connection is based largely on the available chi-energy circulating through the system of chakras described above.  Thus, the Base of Neck and Base of Throat connection provides the substance through which the higher self can view the reflection of the karmic drop resonating in the Heart. 

The Back of the Neck Chakra

The Back of the Neck chakra is located at the middle of the back of the neck, between the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae .  Through it's connection with the Base of Neck chakra, this chakra serves as an anchor point between the higher consciousness and the physical body.   Thus the Back of Neck chakra provides the anchor point through which the Crown chakra attains access to the individual's pool of choice.  It is a passive connection in that Spirit cannot affect the reality due to free choice, but due to position will have direct access to the entire life history, thereby justifying the term "all-knowing".  Essentially, it is the Soul presenting the pool of choice vision to Spirit, and through the Throat chakra in the front represents the Soul's presentation of Spirit to Ego.  Together they represent the voice of the Soul.

Additionally, the Back of Neck chakra connects to the Mouth of God chakra above it.  Thus, another circulation of chi-energy is operating within these sets of secondary chakras, where the rising yang chi (governor channel) provides the created seed expression to Spirit, and through the descending yin chi (functional channel) provides the experience of Spirit through the Ego's ability to interpret the Soul Voice.  From the personal perspective then, the Back of Neck connection provides Ego with access to the Soul body, and with Spirit when the attitude is toward 'seeking'.  Psychologically this exposes a sense of self, and when dutifully seeking, reveals an undying knowingness.  As a result, the Back of Neck chakra is considered to be a mental center, essentially providing access to the higher mind (see Back of Neck chakra).

As the Base of Neck chakra draws a response from this chakra in regards to exposing the moment outpicturing in the individual's pool of choice, the Back of Neck chakra draws from Creator the consciousness best appropriate to expose the Ego's attention towards seeking.  This response is significantly affected by the condition of the yang energy in the governor channel. 

Since the upper 3 chakras are controlled indirectly through the physical, emotional and mental desire resonating from the lower 3 chakras (lower self), opportunity to positively affect the moment is often significantly diminished.  In cases where the lower desire is exceptionally emphasized, the Back of Neck chakra may be compensated to respond to the request from Base of Neck as a conditioned response or pattern.  In this case, the lower will would repeat the pattern through the Word issued out the Throat chakra by Ego.  This would further compound the initial misalignment, solidifying the unhealthy karmic pattern.

The Mouth of God Chakra

The Mouth of God Chakra lies above the 1st cervical vertebra.  This chakra mediates and draws upwards the chi-energy of the governor channel via it's connection with the Back of Neck chakra, and allows the ascending chi to rise to the Crown chakra.  Additionally, it provides a link to the Palatine chakras at the front of the body through its connection with the central Brow.  Thus it works to balance the overwhelmingly yang energy of the head centers by attracting the yin energy of the functional channel.   In addition, this chakra creates a direct connection to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, thus an intimate connection between the 5th and 7th chakras.  The Mouth of God chakra draws in the spiritual breath of Soul, thus it's connection with breath and sound (see Mouth of God chakra).

As our body drew in its first physical breath through the mouth, simultaneously it drew in its first spiritual breath (Soul breath) through the Mouth of God chakra.  Since then, we have continued this process of breathing unimpeded, and without thinking.  When we focus on the in-breath of Spirit through the Mouth of God, our Intuitive faculty aligns to the process and begins to unfold a path of awakening.  This path includes ideas of change that will benefit our evolution as a form of guidance in our lives.  Unfortunately, due to personal karma the change required often appears too great to achieve, and the process is stopped short.  Changing habits is never easy, and it is even more difficult when the reason for the change is not so easily described.  There is no guarantee that our intuitive guidance will ever be proved, so often the pressure of making a living overrules the original impetus behind the quest.

As we continue to work with the replenished Spirit through the breath, the outpicture from the Ajna and Crown chakras creates a more cohesive intuitive Self, one that can be brought into conversations for both entertainment, and in defending the decisions being made.  Probably the biggest critic to this whole process does not come from outside us, but from within.  The forces that have drawn together the characters in our life act in accordance with universal law.  More often than not, we become the judge, jury and the one accused of our own past actions, and we sabotage ourselves by closing to the very guidance that has the potential to help free us.

The Base of the Throat Chakra

The Base of Throat chakra is located at the top of the breastbone, in the V-like notch at the base of the neck.  It supports the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism and physical growth through the production of hormones.  In combination with the Base of Neck chakra in the rear, this chakra provides the location for the Soul impulse to interact with the physical body.   And when desire to know Creator is pronounced, this chakra will often operate through selfless service to others and to the world as a whole (see Base of Throat chakra).

In a way similar to how the Thyroid gland regulates growth in our physical body, the Base of Throat regulates growth in our Aura.  As events of the moment draw together the karmic drop in the Anahata, the Base of Throat acts on the stuff through focus on the higher will.  This builds the Astral body through the Solar-Plexus projection.  If the higher will has been aligned with the lower will, the Aura will be nourished by the combustion of astral energy.  If on the other hand, if the lower intention (3rd chakra) is more active, the Astral body will reflect a picture of the karmic patterns that are already in place, thereby forfeiting the opportunity to experience the higher self presence.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is located midway between the heart and the tongue and, with the Back of Neck chakra, is associated with sound, both speaking and listening, including hearing spiritual sounds such as voices and music.  On a more subtle level, the Throat chakra is associated with the dream state, as well as with the faculty of lucid dreaming.  It is also associated with the processing of physical and emotional substance as a form of nourishment.    When the lower desire is especially activated however, this can result in an inflated enjoyment for food.  (see Throat chakra).

As the Vishuddha Chakra opens, the Drop of Nectar that gets stored in the Lalana chakra drips down and gets processed.  The nectar is extracted and becomes the 'food of immortality', and the poison is released and absorbed into the karmic drop of the moment.  Through the use of the voice (sound, The Word, etc.) the poison can be transmuted through the implementation of the higher mind in connection with the higher will (5th chakra).  Unfortunately, when the lower mind controls the lower desire, the nectar is burned as fuel and the poison then needs to be reprocessed by the system.  In this case it would act to limit the Wisdom available to the lower mind, making it even more difficult for the lower vehicles to release from unhealthy karmic patterns.

The Palatine Chakras - Talu or Lalana Chakra

There are actually three chakras here located along the roof of the mouth (soft palate), that act in unison to mediate the descending Chi energy of the functional channel.  The Lalana chakra is situated slightly behind these and acts as a glandular reservoir for the nectar that drips down from Bindu chakra.  As long as the Vishuddha Chakra remains inactive, this nectar (Ambrosia) then flows down to be burned as fuel in the fire of Manipura.  However, when through meditation the Vishuddha Chakra is awakened, the drop enters there to be refined and purified, thus becoming the nectar of immortality (see Talu/Lalana chakra).

In other words, the Vishuddha Chakra can be thought of as the location where poisons--both internal and external--can be transformed and transmuted, bringing forth the bliss of the nectar which is always present with the poison.  Poison here is regarded as any disturbance that may be occurring in the body, whether physical, emotional or mental.  Behind every situation that is troublesome, there is an alternate view on that situation which carries with it an advantage of some sort, even if ever so subtle.  By always seeking the vision of an event that carries the highest value, our conditioning becomes reprogrammed to that process and the bliss of every day living then becomes the byproduct.