The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

3rd Primary Chakra - The Manipura Chakra

Element Fire
Sense Organ The Eyes - Sight
Meaning Manipura means 'the city of gems' (Radiant like a city of jewels)
Location Traditional location is the Navel, contemporary location is the Solar Plexus
No. Petals 10
Deity Rudra

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3rd Primary Chakra - The Manipura Chakra

Along with the front and rear secondary chakras, there is an additional chakra located along the central nadi (called the Wheel of Emanation in Tibetan Buddhism) that links the Perineal and Crown chakras.   It is the source of the inner fire (red drop) that when activated ascends and unites with the descending white drop in the central Heart chakra.

During the Microcosmic Orbit, some of the Chi coming up the governor channel through the Kidney (Door of Life) chakra gets forwarded to the Wheel of Emanation.  The Navel chakra responds by distributing an equal amount of Chi to balance the event.  This creates a circuit linking the Wheel of Emanation with the Perineal chakras, allowing the red drop to condense and congeal in the Wheel of Emanation.  Further circulation of this Chi, being balanced by the Naval and Kidney chakras, causes the red drop to rise up the central channel to the Central Heart chakra.  An equal and opposite phenomena is occurring in the upper 3 chakras where the white drop is being condensed in the Crown (Pineal gland), and through attraction meets the red drop in the Central Heart.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
  The Sea of Ch'i Chakra
"The Door of Life" or Kidney Chakra The Navel Chakra
The Adrenal or Diaphragmatic Chakra The Solar Plexus Chakra

"The Door of Life" or Kidney Chakra

The Kidney (or Door of Life) chakra is located opposite the navel, just beneath the two kidneys.  This chakra supports the kidneys, and also acts as a reservoir for sexual and energetic chi that is used to stimulate the body when the energy is low.  One of the main functions of the Kidneys is to purify the blood, so it is likely that this function is applied to the chi stored here as well.  As the Sacral chakra pushes up the converted Earth Chi, it reaches the Kidney chakra and is redistributed from there.  Some of the sexual energy gets stored or is further drawn to the Wheel of Emanation in response to the signals sent by the Navel chakra.  Through the action of the lower will, still more of this yang Chi gets pushed up to the Adrenal and further up the back of the body to the brain (see Kidney Chakra). 

The Kidney chakra is called the 'Door of Life' because it is the center of prenatal chi, or innate life force.  There is an additional circulation of energy that acts as a belt encircling the body, between the Kidney chakra at the back, and the Navel and Sea of Ch'i chakras at the front, then back to the Kidney again.  This belt of energy is the connecting point between the upper and lower bodies, allowing the Shakti force drawn through the feet to circulate through the lower chakras.   This circulation triggers activation in the Wheel of Emanation allowing the red drop to congeal at its center. 

Additionally, the Kidney chakra represents the last contact with the sea of experiences operating in the Sacral and Coccygeal chakras.  From this vantage, the ripples in the pool of karma have expanded to the full width of the expanse, and with this a vision is available through conscious attention.  Mars acts as a governor to the phenomena happening here, and through the lower will directs the yang up to the Adrenal where the Drop of Mind can be added.  Additionally, mental force can circulate the chi across to the Wheel of Emanation, then to the Navel and back down the front to the Perineal chakra, completing the circuit.  When the Ego is especially expanded however, Mars shuttles the energy across to the Sea of Ch'i around and back to itself in order to Pump the lower will, absorbing the Shakti force and feeding off of its own impressions being cognized in the pool.

The Adrenal or Diaphragmatic Chakra

The Adrenal chakra is located opposite the solar plexus, next to the adrenal glands and the diaphragm.  This chakra supports the adrenal cortex, which produces hormones that regulate blood sugar levels, mediates the stress response and manages the body's balance of various minerals. 

The Adrenal chakra works in conjunction with the Solar Plexus chakra at the front of the body to draw together the Drop of Mind that absorbs with the red drop ascending to the Heart chakra.  Pluto acts as a modifier here, limiting the available universal mind as a factor of the individual intention behind action.  

Through the lower yang chakras along the back of the body, the adrenal cortex works with the adrenal medulla, operating in the Root chakra.  This union forms the basis of a psychic connection between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.   As an individual increases the purity of the Drop of Mind, they in turn unveil additional abilities in controlling the lower desire and their attitude, thereby purifying the lower intention which is associated with the sympathetic nervous system.

This phenomena describes a process by which an individual gains direct access to communication with Pluto (universal mind).  As a result, it is very much concerned with intention and the desire towards both spiritual and physical health.  On the other hand, if the lower mind is rather activated, the Adrenal chakra will draw up the reflection generated by the Kidney chakra in the pool of karma and issue that out the Solar Plexus chakra in the front.  This creates the illusion that the impressions are coming from the higher will since the astral projection appears as an otherworldly experience.

The Sea of Ch'i Chakra

The 'Sea of Chi' chakra is located slightly below the navel and is closely associated with the Navel chakra.  This chakra is the center that receives the first breath of universal life force, and thereafter functions as the body's center of gravity.  Whereas the Navel chakra is the location of the umbilical chord for the physical body, the Sea of Ch'i represents life's umbilical to the cosmos and to all of creation.

Through this chakra that we connect with the power of the universal life force, and with mental focus this chakra will act as a reservoir of concentrated chi energy (see Sea of Chi).  Being a repository of universal chi, this chakra essentially represents the storage location for an intricate energy distribution system.  Through the breath (Prana) and the circulation of the blood, Chi is distributed to all parts of the body via the Navel chakra. This movement of chi in the body enlivens and enhances the life force of all chakras and nadis.

The Navel Chakra

The Navel chakra is located at the belly button and is integrally connected to the Sea of Chi chakra just below it.  Functionally, the Navel chakra absorbs and transforms the chi energy from both the cosmos and from other centers and organs within the body.  Along with the Sea of Chi chakra, the Navel is integrally connected with the storage and distribution of chi-energy in the body.  With this, a circuit is created where universal life force enters through the Sea of Ch'i and radiates out through the Navel chakra to the cosmos and to all physicality, which is then absorbed again (see Navel Chakra).

While in the womb, the Navel chakra becomes our first connection with the physical world through the umbilical cord, and this connection continues throughout life.  Thus, this chakra is considered the major emotional center of the being, representing the strongest link connecting us to other people on the feeling level.   

In addition, the Kidney and Navel chakras work together and are responsible for drawing together (condensing) the red drop (which generally congeals--or drips--here in the Navel chakra).   This red drop (inner fire) is then sent forth to the Wheel of Emanation and further to the Heart (see Tantric Buddhism at

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is located above the navel, half way to the base of the sternum.  The Solar Plexus chakra is considered to be the main power center of the individual, accumulating the chi-energy through transference from the red drop ascending the central channel from the Navel to the Heart.  In support of the Navel chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra provides the mental apparatus for the emotional body expression. 

As the Navel chakra draws in universal Chi through the Sea of Ch'i chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra works with the Adrenal chakra and draws in universal mind energy and the lower mind reality (ego-mind).  Here, the Solar Plexus chakra absorbs and transforms this mental force and radiates it out as an astral projection, interfacing with various levels of perception.  It is associated with the functioning of the aura as an energy field, essentially acting as a lens for the mystic, psychic and intuitive channels of thought (see Solar Plexus).

Along the central nadi (Sushumna) that connects the Perineal chakra with the Crown chakra, there is a central center located between the Adrenal and the Solar Plexus chakras - associated with the Middle Tan Tien (see Circulation of Light and The Middle Tan Tien Center at  In a way similar to how the Navel chakra works with the Kidney chakra to draw together the red drop in the Wheel of Emanation, so too does the Solar Plexus chakra work with the Adrenal Chakra to draw together the first drop of higher mind available to the physical body.  It becomes available by condensing with the red drop as it moves up through the central channel on its way to the Heart chakra, there uniting with the white drop.