The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

4th Primary Chakra - The Anahata Chakra

Element Air
Sense Organ The Skin - Touch
Meaning Anahata means 'unstuck sound' - the location where the music of the body arises
Location Along the spine near the Heart
No. Petals 12
Deity Isha

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4th Primary Chakra - The Anahata Chakra

The Anahata is associated with the Divine Soul or Higher Self, being the location where we contact our angelic counterpart.  It is said to be the seat of the "Very Subtle Mind" and "Very Subtle Wind" that are immortal and pass from lifetime to lifetime.

The silver chord that connects our Soul with the Soul of humanity comes through the Crown chakra and lodges here in the Heart chakra.  The Heart chakra resonates the Divine principle behind the human Christ, and retains the history of our cosmic and human evolution.  As the white drop descending from the Crown and the red drop ascending from the Wheel of Emanation unite in the Heart, they bond in the permanent drop that passes from lifetime to lifetime.  The movement of these drops in sushumna creates an ecstasy said to be 100 times greater than an orgasm (see Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism).  Like a drop of water in a crystal pool, the waves emanate out--not in a 2D plane but in 3D space--rising up through the chord to our Soul Family, and out to our human family. 

Being that the Heart chakra resides at the center of the 7 chakra system, it acts not only as an anchor for our consciousness in 3D space but as the starting point from which the Divine Love of the cosmos interpenetrates our vehicle. 

This creates a system where the 3 chakras below the heart and the 3 chakras above the heart work as pairs.  The Divine Love radiates out from the central point in waves, or harmonics of Love.

  • The 1st harmonic reaches the 5th and 3rd chakras simultaneously.  The energy created is akin to the phenomena occurring when an electron jumps from one orbit to another, creating a photon of Light (manifesting the ray of wisdom).
  • The 2nd harmonic reaches the 6th and 2nd chakras where a similar energy occurs creating another color of Love (manifesting the ray of love)
  • The 3rd harmonic reaches the 7th and 1st chakras simultaneously where the Love Energy manifested creates the third Color of Love (the ray of life).

Together these Colors of Love make up the full spectrum of Love, similar to the way in which the three primary colors of Light make up the full spectrum of visible light in this realm.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

Back of the Body (Yang) Front of the Body (Yin)
The Shoulder-Blades Chakra The Heart Chakra
  The Thymic Chakra (High Heart Chakra)

The Shoulder-Blades Chakra

The Shoulder-Blades chakra is located opposite the Heart chakra.  It works with the Heart chakra in the front of the body to activate the feelings of peace, love, happiness, etc.  The Shoulder-Blades chakra represents the point where the lower will overlays with the higher will, essentially the meeting place of individual choice and the cosmic/karmic design laid out by universal law.  When the lower will and the higher will are aligned, the drops flow effortlessly in the central channel and the resulting ecstasy radiates both within and without, in all directions.

Activity in the Shoulder-Blades chakra operates on multiple levels (see Shoulder-Blades chakra): 

  • On the raw emotional and mental levels, it is the center where Ego choice plays out in the moment.  It signifies the potency of will concentrating in the governor channel, and through the lower will represents the location where our actions manifest in the outer, physical world. 
  • At the auric level, the Shoulder-Blades chakra operates as a pump that draws forth chi-energy from the Adrenal chakra and pushes it up to the higher chakras.  
  • At the Soul body level, this chakra creates a link to our angelic counterpart, the Cherub.  Through meditation and practice of acting out of unconditional love, a connection is made such that communication with angels becomes possible.  Thus, this chakra operates to enable spiritual travel, and acts as a protective mechanism during travel in the physical realm.

In a way similar to how the cosmic drop from the universe enters the pool of love in the Heart, the karmic drop is drawn up from the Earth through the reservoir of experience, manifesting in the lower chakras, and deposits in the pool of choice located in the Shoulder-Blades chakra.  The pool of choice is the holographic projection of the activity manifesting in the pool of karma as it outpictures in 3D space.  There is a constant interplay of the ripples occurring as the Shoulder-Blades chakra works with the Heart chakra.  Here the pool of choice interpenetrates the pool of love, and the combined vision is either enhanced and expanded or diminished and solidified.  Which of these occurs is based on the individual's alignment of the lower will with the higher will.  Since the Heart works as the receptive component of the Anahata, the Shoulder-Blades works as its active component, thus allowing an individual the opportunity to issue out the love vibration as a harmonic of the Divine Love permeating all space.

Due to the nature and mechanics of the Heart/Shoulder-Blades chakras combined, it is the point within the body that best represents the moment.  Though the cosmic drop has great potential while descending through the upper 3 chakras, and the karmic drop is potent throughout it's journey through the lower 3 chakras, it is not until they meet in the Anahata that the moment is actualized, the point where all possibility exists.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the location where the cosmic drop of Love enters at the birth event, and radiates out in all directions.  From the moment of birth, this love radiation continues to pulsate throughout the cosmos, and the body.  This pulsation will produce a range of emotions based on the condition of the individual's chakra levels.  For example, a person with a blocked 3rd chakra will cognize the event in an egotistical or self-centered way, whereas a person whose 3rd and 5th chakras are aligned and working together will experience virtuous emotions such as compassion, respect, happiness, etc.  In general, the experience will be somewhere on the continuum of these extremes, and as the life force continues to flow, the experiences unite to form a picture of our psychological body.

As the cosmic drop enters the pool of love in the Heart, it draws together the karmic drop in the pool of choice in the Shoulder-Blades chakra, which resonates out and contacts the Heart of other individuals.  This karmic drop represents our connection to all others as well as to our own past and future incarnations.  In a relative sense, the individuals visible in our current incarnation reflect characters in our future and history, making the moment fundamental in our evolutionary process. 

The Heart chakra is the said to be center that governs the positive (yang) chi-energy in the body, just as the Door of Life chakra is the center that governs the yin chi- energy (see Heart chakra).  As the individual works through the lower will in the Kidney chakra to convert the lower desire, the modified karmic drop is raised to the Shoulder-Blades as it harmonizes in the pool of choice the reflection of the cosmic drop pulsating in the pool of love in the Heart.  Then, as the Shoulder-Blades receives the response through the karmic drop of others, the Heart sends the adjusted Love vibration back to the Kidney (Door of Life) chakra via the Navel.  As the individual continues to purify the lower desire, a circulation of energy occurs in the lower chakras which builds up the red drop in the Wheel of Emanation.  As the circulation continues, the red drop continues to rise, drawing to it the Drop of higher mind at the point between the Adrenal and Solar Plexus chakras, and finally attracts to itself the white drop in the central Heart.

As chi is circulated throughout the chakra system of the body, it collects and gathers at the Heart chakra before radiating out through the hands or eyes of the healer.  This healing works on multiple levels, where the pranic love vibration works to repair diseased cells on both the self and on others.  When the Heart center has been fully opened, it becomes the channel for Divine Love - or 'Christ Consciousness'.  Once opened, the immortal divine Soul (higher self) is able to work through this center, and due to this the Heart is often said to be the seat of the Soul (see Heart chakra).

The Thymic Chakra - High Heart Chakra

The High Heart chakra is located above the Heart chakra and below the Throat chakra.  Being positioned between the Heart and Throat, the Thymic chakra acts as a bridge between our emotions and reason, and works to balance and integrate the channels of higher consciousness and body wisdom (the senses).  Due to this, the Thymic chakra appears to provide a direct connection between our Soul body and physical body, essentially the place of the Cherub. 

It is associated with the Thymus gland which balances and regulates the immunological system of the body.   In a way akin to how the Thymus gland works to purify the body by filtering out unhealthy substances through the lymphatic system, the Thymic chakra works to purify the upper 3 chakra centers from etheric congestion caused by unhealthy choices and misdirected desire.  As the individual works in alignment with the higher will, it causes the Heart to ascend to the High Heart, thereby connecting with the Sacred Heart, or Christ Consciousness (see Thymic chakra).