The Chakra System represents the manifestation of Divine Light being stepped down and focused at specific locations in the physical body

The Sahasrara Chakra

Element N/A
Sense Organ Voluntary nervous system
Meaning Sahasrara means 'thousand petalled lotus' (The seat of pure consciousness)
Location Directly above the head
No. Petals 1000
Deity Parabrahma

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The Sahasrara Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra is located directly above the head and is described as being a combination of many different chakra centers, all of which combine to represent our connection to cosmic consciousness (see Sahasrara chakra). 

The diagram on the left is designed as a symbolic map to show how universal consciousness interpenetrates the Crown and Ajna chakras.  The violet diamond shape is a reference to the Crown chakra, with the actual point of contact being above the head and the connecting point in the body being the Pineal gland.

The Pineal gland is the location known as the Upper Tan Tien cauldron, or Crystal Palace.  Here during the microcosmic orbit the Chi is distilled such that the Pineal gland releases the white drop that eventually descends the sushumna to meet the red drop in the central Heart.

~ Secondary Chakras ~

The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is located at the center of the top of the head.  It represents the highest point of the governor channel, the location where the yang chi-energy collects in the body.  Thus, it is the point through which Shiva enters the body, and therefore the place of transcendent consciousness or true Self.  Though it is located outside of the body, its anchor point in the body is through the Pineal gland.  Through the absorption and distribution of the essential oils produced in the Pineal, the individual receives direct contact with Creator.  These sacred essences interpenetrate every cell of the body when the oil flows uninhibited. 

When the drop of divine nectar drips down from Bindu, it is transformed in the brow through the function of light interpenetrating the crystalline substance of the Pineal gland.  This becomes the nourishment of the Soul, and when the system is operating at optimal performance, this oil (ambrosia) is then stored in the Lalana chakra.  The residue of this purification then flows down to the Solar Plexus and burned as fuel in the Manipura.  When Shiva is particularly active in the central channel, the Pineal produces the white drop that coagulates and descends the central channel to the Heart.

The Crown chakra is the location of the violet pole, where the universal yang (Heaven chi) enters the body and flows in the central channel (Sushumna) to the Perineal chakra (red or broadcasting pole).  During the microcosmic orbit, universal Earth energy is drawn up through the feet to the crossover point at the Perineal chakra.  As the Coccygeal and Sacral chakras draw up and convert the universal yin, it gets pushed up further to be worked on and utilized by all of the governor channel chakras along the back of the body.  The Crown represents the topmost of the yang chakras, being the location where universal Shiva enters the body.  As the quality and force of the flow in the microcosmic orbit increases, the Perineal chakra transmits (broadcasts) the state of universal yin in the flow, attracting Shiva to the Crown.

The presence of Shiva in the Crown causes the Pineal gland to secrete the white drop that then becomes available to the central channel (Sushumna).  In addition, as the Brow chakra draws in universal mind and yang chi, the dance of light in the Brow is reflected up and acts as a mirror for the white drop in the Pineal.  The dance of shiva then becomes the blueprint for the purified dance of light in the Brow.  As the Brow focuses the rays to imitate Shiva, that is, to adjust the dance on its stage, the outpicture is an impression of the best action to accomplish the moment.   Through the devotion of the Ego to purify desire (Ida), the presence of Shiva becomes more actualized.  And as the intention (Pingala) is equally adjusted, the white drop gets attracted to the Heart as the red drop ascends the central channel.   This ultimately describes the movement of Shiva and Shakti in the central channel.  Where they meet in the Heart is the point where Divine Bliss is cognized.  This presence radiates both up and down the central channel connecting Shiva and Shakti, and perpendicular to that, out through the diagonal, reflecting the karmic drop that connects humanity.