Planets Governing the Fifth Chakra

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5th Chakra - The Word

Mercury rules in Virgo as a feedback mechanism correlating the response of Earth plane evolution to the imprint of the original word emitting from Mercury in Gemini.  This creates a feedback loop through which the individual Soul has as its expression.

Just as the 4th chakra represents the central component of the Cherub/Ego experience, the 5th chakra represents the central point through which the Soul expression is manifest.  Hence, the 4th chakra crystalline structure represents a direct reflection of the 6th chakra 3rd Eye through the 5th chakra Soul expression.  At the moment of birth, The Soul pushes out its original intention to incarnate through the Mouth of God chakra in the Throat.  Throughout life, the Soul works through the Throat chakra to purify the 3D reality expression by adjusting the sound vibration necessary for the proper alignment of the 3D reality with that of the 3rd Eye vision.  It is up to the Cherub in the Heart to take action to manifest this sound vibration into 3D reality through the activity of the Ego.

Mercury rules in Virgo by night as the Rising force draws in the light of the 3rd Eye vision, and takes the task of translating that vision into sound vibrations perceptable to the inner ear.  Simultaneously, Mercury in Gemini listens to that inner voice and works to formulate the words necessary to actualize the moment.   Thus, Mercury in Virgo 'listens' to the sound expression of Mercury in Gemini, and compares that vibration to the 3rd Eye vision allowing for the fine-tuning of the voice, and then vibrates that language to the inner ear.  Mercury in Gemini listens to the inner ear guidance and steps down that vibration into the language of intuition, while the Ego speaks the actual words through the guidance of the Cherub.  Thus, Mercury has complete autonomy in this chakra, and ultimately plays the role of purifying the life expression by choosing the proper words that will elevate the 3D reality to align with the 3rd Eye vision.

In its creative aspect, Mercury acts in Gemini by day as it expresses the 3D reality experience as a sound vibration.  In its analytical aspect, and being driven by an internal impulse (Moon channel) to match the sound expression promoted from its position in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo acts to analyze and compare the original intention to incarnate resonating in the 3rd Eye with that of the concrete 3D thought form reality.  In this, Mercury creates a feedback mechanism by which use of the word acts to align the 3D reality to that of the 3rd Eye vision.